Storman Reservations & Move-ins

Step 1 (at home):
Storer reserves a unit on your website

Use Storman Online Reservations & give your potential customers the power to commit to your self storage facility while the buying intent is high. 24/7 online reservations from your website, directly linked to Storman.


Step 2 (on site):
Storer arrives & locates their reservation

It’s move-in day. The storer arrives on-site and locates their reservation on your iPad or tablet.

Step 3 (at site):
Storer completes an electronic storage agreement

Your storer completes all ‘paperwork’ electronically (including capturing their signature) on your iPad or tablet – creating a fully electronic self storage agreement. All information is saved in Storman automatically.

It works the way you want it to!

Online Reservations only
Convert web traffic to foot traffic

Storman Online Reservations gives your potential storers the power to commit to your facility using a simple online tool that’s accessed from your website, branded in your colours and is integrated with Storman.

Paperless Move-Ins only
Save time on-site

Storman Online Move-Ins allows your storers to complete all ‘paperwork’ electronically, on a iPad/tablet at your storage facility. The process is branded in your colours & is completely integrated with Storman.

Online Reservations + Paperless Move-Ins

By coupling Storman Online Reservations with Storman Online Move-Ins, you can reduce effort & saves time during a move-in. Get your storer to do the work for you – so you focus on doing what you do best!